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In the fast-paced world of computers and technology, it’s nice to know you have a friend just down the street. You can depend on Wilson’s to meet all of your computer needs–from hardware and software to training and technical support. You have Wilson’s Business Solutions, your hometown Computer Pros who can offer reliable and professional services just when you need it.

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Get connected and increase your productivity…

Our skilled team can assist you in making all the right choices.
Your business is growing and your employees have the PCs and software that they need to do their jobs.
Now it’s time to grasp the added benefit of working them all together. You can leap ahead in efficiency and productivity by linking your PCs in a computer network. As your PCs work together more efficiently, you gain new advantages.
With computer networking, you can share files and documents, quickly schedule meetings, and manage group projects. With a network, you can also send and receive email and you can reduce the time spent in meetings and traveling between your offices, suppliers, and customers.
You could even have video conferencing and have live meetings where distance is not a problem.

Networking also offers you the added savings and security that come with greater control of your resources. A network makes the most of your expensive printers and peripherals by sharing them and controlling who has access to them. You can manage all security and data access from a central point.
But what is the best strategy for your business?
What kind of network best meets your needs?
Give us a call and we will help you to determine the best solutions for your particular situation.

What we can provide …

  • Server Hardware & Software
  • Workstation Hardware & Software
  • Computer Peripheral Selection & Installation
  • Integration of Existing Equipment
  • Network cabling installation
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning just to mention a few …


We specialize in serving the technology needs of Small Business. We provide network infrastructure design, consulting and installation services that are custom tailored the needs of your specific organization. In addition to our business networking solutions, we also provide contracted network support and system maintenance services.

What is the advantage of a Windows Server over a NAS device?
A Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit is a small scale computer connected to a network that only provides file-based data storage services to other devices on the network. Although it may technically be possible to run other software on a NAS unit, it is not designed to be a general purpose server. For example, NAS units usually do not have a keyboard or display, and are controlled and configured over the network, often using a browser. A fully featured operating system is not needed on a NAS device, so often a stripped-down operating system is used. For example, an open source NAS solution designed for commodity PC hardware, is implemented as a stripped-down version of Linux or an (embedded Linux operating system)
This is all to keep costs down and with only targeted services.
If the focus is simply for basic file and data sharing it is an appealing solution but this really depends on a customer’s specific needs.

A full blown server solution can provide a much more robust number of services such as File & Print services, Web services (host your own website), Remote access services, Security Policy and Management services, etc. Servers are generally designed for demanding 24×7 operations with a full range of options for both hardware and software. Network aware applications can also be installed and run directly from the server for example and hardware options are endless including multiple CPUs, redundant power supplies, etc. Most Windows based servers are setup in a client/server Domain model allowing strict control over what Domain users can do or not do on the Domain. This is just to mention a few points however there are many more I’m sure.

The real case comes down to what the requirements are and what is expected to be accomplished with either solution and of course $$ budget.

Our Networking Technicians are qualified to design, install and maintain your company’s network.

Here are some of the key benefits we can provide:


  • LAN or WAN Design and Installation services
  • Consultation and Procurement services
  • Windows Server 2008® Support Services
  • Professional Certified Technicians
  • Competitive Rates
  • Service Contracts are Available and Affordable so please call us and start saving today!


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