Cleaning & Breakroom

Here at Wilson’s Business Solutions we don’t just sell office supplies, we supply offices with everything you need. From your fundamentals to your consumables we’re here to supply you with what you need to maintain a work environment conducive to a happy, healthy staff. As your supplier of choice, our products range from espresso machines to individually packaged snack foods, multi-purpose cleaners, recycling bins, and waste bin liners. You can also find Health & Safety necessities such as protective eyewear,  safety signs, and first aid care kits. Our Cleaning and Breakroom supply catalogue lists all your Breakroom and Cleaning supply necessities in one place, allowing you to order in smaller quantities and receive everything you need in a single convenient shipment.

Office Fact #1:
Restrooms only represent 5% of an office’s total space, but contribute to 52% of the the total complaints!

Wilson’s Solution:
Save money and reduce waste by using roll towels instead of folded towels. You’ll notice an immediate impact on your costs and receive fewer employee complaints.

Type of Paper
Towl Used
Average # of
Towels Used
Hand Dries
Per Case
Average Cost
Per Hand Dry
Folded 3 800 $0.06
Handroll 1 4800 $0.01


Use the money you save here and upgrade to a touchless soap dispenser to save even more!

Office Fact #2:
Only 15% of all people wash their hands correctly!

Wilson’s Solution:
Pre-lathered soap now removes one more excuse for not washing your hands, and foamed soap reduces the amount needed by 60% – saving you money!

Office Fact #3:
Office Plus has the solution to help increase productivity and reduce office complaints!

Wilson’s Solution:
In today’s economy, keeping the pantry stocked with snacks and healthy beverages is an inexpensive way to show gratitute to hard working employees and increase productivity by keeping your employees in the office.






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