Reliable Performance  ⋅  Reduced Eco Footprint  ⋅  Reduced Printing Costs

For over twenty years, Clover Imaging Group has focused on a single mission — to offer businesses and consumers an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use printer cartridges by collecting  empty cartridges for re-use and running them through a patented remanufacturing process where they are restored to like-new condition.

It’s not often that there is an environmentally friendly product that also costs less, but it’s the case with Clover’s high-quality cartridges. When you switch from national brand printer cartridges to Clover remanufactured printer cartridges not only will you reduce your printing costs by up to 30% you will also be reducing the environmental impact of your printing by HALF!

Make the switch to Remanufactured Ink & Toner today and experience first hand how Sustainability is Smart Business!


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