New and Simplified Pricing!

Our pricing structure was simplified in July 2022 to make our prices more meaningful and our account discounts easier to follow. Keep reading for more information on how our pricing structure used to operate, how it’s operating now, and why we changed our discount structure.


Prior to July 2022, Wilson’s used to have two prices that applied to Office Products: 1) a LIST price, and 2) a NET price. These two types of pricing existed at the time because the two largest big box stores in North America used one or the other of these two pricing structures. To be able to have apples-to-apples conversations with our customers, we made sure that both LIST and NET pricing were in place and that our system was programmed to automatically choose the lowest available price for every customer.

LIST PRICE: A List Price is the basic price of an item as published in a catalogue or the MSRP price list before any discounts are taken off. A List Price is usually at a price that is higher than any customer would ever pay for it, but it exists in order to calculate a discount. This type of pricing has been phased out of our catalogue in favour of more straightforward NET pricing for our customers. Until July 2022 it was still visible as the “MSRP” on our website, and on customer invoices under the “Regular Price” column. These LIST prices were still in place in order to calculate a discount while we worked on the system changes that were necessary to move solely to NET pricing.

NET PRICE: A Net price is the value at which a product or service is actually sold. You’ll see that our catalogue now lists “NET PRICE” for almost all OP items. Some NET items in our catalogue will have additional discounts and some will not. Items that are already priced very competitively may have no further discounts available (ex. paper, boards, cleaning supplies, etc).

CFP: “Call For Price” items in our catalogue may have pricing with an especially narrow margin or may change pricing throughout the year with minimal notice from our vendors – because of this we are unable to print a firm price in the catalogue.


Effective July 2022, Wilson’s will have a NET price only: that’s it! One price that will have a straightforward discount that applies to your purchases. The discount level itself is based on your account volume.

Most NET items in our catalogue will have discounts, and those that do not have additional discounts are low-margin items that are already priced very competitively (ex. paper, boards, some cleaning supplies, etc). Our Pricing Team works very hard to ensure our NET prices are competitive with Staples even before discounts apply.


Our customers want an easy-to-follow discount structure – we hear you! Keeping our focus on providing you with incredible service is what we strive to do, and great prices that are also meaningful is an important part of that.

Thank you for taking the time to review our new pricing structure – we hope that this change will improve your customer experience with Wilson’s!